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UQvotes is the democracy app, just for UQ students.
It's a bridge, between you and your student reps.


NewVote - the democracy app presented at:

Town Hall, Palazzo Senatorio, Rome, Italy on Friday, 28 September 2018:

Dion McCurdy, Co-Founder and Managing Director

PLEASE NOTE: Dion misspoke when he stated that Australia had universal suffrage in 1902 (and that the states granted universal suffrage between 1895 and 1923). These years refer to non-indigenous women's suffrage only. In fact, universal suffrage was not achieved in Australia until 1962, when Indigenous Australians received the right to vote. Dion apologises for this error and any offence caused.

FURTHER NOTE: This video is the copyright of the City of Rome and has been edited to include only the presentation of Dion and NewVote. For the full version of day three of the forum, the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_HOQ

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Read an opinion piece by Dion McCurdy, co-founder and Managing Director of NewVote:

Same-sex vote in Australia: dawn for direct democratic action

Published 7 Sept 2017 by SWI –  Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

 Participation in the voluntary Australian postal survey on same-sex marriage was almost 80%

Participation in the voluntary Australian postal survey on same-sex marriage was almost 80%

Modern democracy is at a crossroads. At a time when the world must address unprecedented economic, environmental and social challenges, we are failing to draw upon our greatest natural resource: the people. It is no different here in the country that I call home.

At no time in Australia’s recorded history has there been such low levels of trust in government and the media, such low voter turnout at elections or such low faith in democracy as the best form of government....

Podcast interview by Uncommon by Neuralle:

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