We're an independent nonpartisan nonprofit start-up (and a registered charity*).


Our purpose is to enhance and celebrate democracy.

That's why we've created a digital participation platform (essentially, an app). The app is:

  • a dedicated public record of every political issue, goal and solution facing Australia. 
  • a source of balanced information - a wiki for Australian good governance.
  • a tool to co-create policy and be part of the decision making process.
  • a channel to communicate with our representatives.

Our prototype is here. Check it out and let us know what you think.


We're concerned about the large and growing disconnect between everyday Australians, our politicians and government decision making. 

Confidence in our political system is at an all time low. At no time in Australia's recorded history has there been such low levels of trust in government and the media, low confidence in democracy and low voter turnout at elections.

We think the problem is that there is a barrier that blocks everyday Australians from engaging easily and directly with their representatives.

Democracy has not kept up with the digital age. 

We want to encourage and support citizens across the nation to pool their collective knowledge, skills, wisdom and insights to genuinely engage, contribute to and shape the future of the nation. 


On the app, you can:

  • browse political issues that matter most to you, the goals and potential solutions to those issues.
  • access balanced information.
  • suggest potential issues, goals and/or solutions.
  • participate in the Pol.Is discussion forums in an open, safe and respectful space.
  • vote on the goals you value.
  • vote on your preferred solutions .

If you are a nonprofit, political party, think tank, public figure etc., you can endorse specific goals and solutions.


Jump onto our prototype and provide us any feedback you have here.

If you need any help, check out our help section here.



*NewVote is a registered business name of Politick Ltd, a registered charity.